Keeping Lawn'n Order
Weeds Don't Stand a Chance
Time for a Mow-Down

Need Lawn Enforcement?

Give the Sheriff jurisdiction over your lawn.

K-Lawn Weed Control and Fertilization

Full Lawn Maintenance

Community Involvement


The Sheriff completely transformed my lawn and I can honestly say that it has never looked this great!

From the quality to the people servicing my lawn, Yard Sheriff is a class act operation that I’d recommend to anyone.

I live in a full maintenance community and I was tired of seeing the grass seed out and the numerous weeds because our lawn company wasn't taking care of it. We voted as a community to switch to Yard Sheriff and now thoroughly enjoy our lawns!

Our Promise

  • To provide exceptional lawn maintenance with 100% client satisfaction
  • To make sure your lawn always looks its best by maintaining a consistent schedule
  • Your lawn will look AMAZING according to YOUR satisfaction or your money back
  • If you ever decide to stop having your lawn regularly maintained, for any reason at all, simply call or drop us a note in the mail. No questions asked.
  • To be fully insured, equipped, and trained to be working on your property
  • To weekly inspect the quality of work provided by our deputies

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